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International Summer Programme at NHTV Breda University

Announcements 20 March 2017, 16:18

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences organises Summer Course for international students, registered for a full-time Bachelor’s programme. The course will take place in Breda, from 3 to 13 July, 2017.

Summer school students at NHTV BredaEvery year, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences organises a Summer Programme for international students that are registered for a full-time Bachelor’s degree. In 2017, the Summer Programme will take place in Breda from July 3rd to 13th.

There are three courses available for students to take part in during the 10-day Summer Programme: placemaking and destination shaping, attraction & theme park management, and experience design. Alongside these courses, students will also able to participate in various social activities outside of class time.

Placemaking and destination shaping, July 3rd to 5th

This course is designed around consumer behaviour. Students will learn about what factors influence consumer choices when it comes to the places they choose to live, to visit, or to invest in. Aspects of Tourism, Leisure, Logistics, Design, Entertainment, and Hospitality will be touched on during the course.

By having a better understanding of what makes some places more attractive than others, students will be able to identify places with potential to become a destination, as well as identify what can be improved in places that are less attractive.

Upon course completion, students will have a good grasp on the main principles of placemaking and they will be able to apply placemaking strategies to boost interest in destinations anywhere in the world.

Attraction & theme park management, July 6th to 7th

During this course, students will learn about aspects of Marketing, Finance, Personal Planning, Hospitality, and Safety. This knowledge can be applied to design effective business models for new products and services.

After the course, students will have a better understanding of how to attract visitors to a theme park and what to do to enhance their experience there.

Experience design, July 10th to 12th

This course will teach students how to effectively deal with customer demands, providing them with a unique experience that turns them into loyal fans. The curriculum is based on methodology used in the Imagineering programme, which is one of NHTV Breda University’s Tourism and Leisure degrees.

After learning the Imagineering 5-step innovation model, students will be able to design successful customer experiences on their own.

Social activities

The Summer Programme also offers various social activities for students to take part in after classes. These activities, including sports events, pub quizzes about the Netherlands, a concert in the park, and other events in and around the city of Breda, will introduce international students to different aspects of Dutch culture and traditions.

Costs and accommodation

The complete 10-day Summer Programme costs €1,195, excluding accommodation. NHTV Breda offers accommodation through the Apollo Hotel in Breda for €42 per person, per night. Students also have the option of finding a place to live on their own.

The payment deadline for the Summer Programme is the 1st of June, 2017.

To find more details about NHTV Breda’s International Summer Programme, please visit the university’s website.

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