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New specialisations for the ICT programme at Fontys University

Programmes 22 May, 17:02

Starting in September 2017, the Fontys international department of ICT will expand its study fields in cooperation with the Dutch ICT department. As a result, students will be able to choose more specialisations and spend more time on their subjects of interest.

Fontys EindhovenFontys UAS’ international department of ICT is expanding its study fields, in cooperation with the Dutch ICT department. As a result, students will be able to choose from additional specialisations and spend more time on their subjects of interest.

Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, Fontys is adding new specialisations to the existing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) programme curriculum. Students who have finished their first year of study will choose from one of three areas to focus on: ICT-Business, ICT-Software, or ICT-Technology.

Alongside their focus area, students will also choose a specialisation. Fontys has announced new specialisation options in Applied Data Science, Information and Cyber Security, Game Design, and more. By adding more choices to the ICT programme, the university encourages students to focus on a specialisation that most accurately reflects their interests and goals.

These new ICT programme options will be offered at the Fontys Eindhoven campus. The complete list of specialisations available at Fontys UAS can be found on the Keuzegids website.

ICT programme at Fontys

Aleks Zekanis, ICT student at FontysInformation & Communication Technology is a Bachelor’s programme offered at Fontys University. It is taught in English and takes 4 years to complete.

Two students currently enrolled in the ICT Bachelor’s degree at Fontys Eindhoven had the following to say about the programme and university:

Dmitrii Orlov: “Studying in Fontys, I am not only getting good professional knowledge, but am constantly practicing working in a team. It helps to develop social skills and prepare yourself for future. In these 2 years, I have learned to value friendship more and have also found many great friends from different parts of the world.”

Aleks Zekanis: “Fontys is university of applied science which focuses on practical part of education. I really enjoy that, we must not only read and answer, but also deliver practical work which is more important and interesting. Apart from education process I like that community is international so as a student you get a chance to meet new people from all over the world.”

For more information regarding the ICT programme and how to apply, please visit the Fontys website.

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