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Studying Logistics in the Netherlands at Fontys University

Announcements Programmes 8 September 2017, 13:43

Fontys University of Applied Sciences provides international students an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics in Venlo. This city is one of the top logistics hotspots in the Netherlands!

Fontys students do an internship at Logistics companyFontys University of Applied Sciences provides international students an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics in Venlo. This city is one of the top logistics hotspots in the Netherlands!

What is Logistics

Lots of people think logistics is transportation. And indeed transportation is one small part of it. Yet, logistics is so much more!

Think of your phone. Before you bought it in the store, it went through lots of steps. It first started with different raw materials. This since all the different components of the phone like the electronics, the keyboard, the screen, and the case are made from different raw materials. Likely these different components were made at different locations. After that, all components were brought to one location to combine into a phone.

But not only the phone needs to be thought of when preparing it for the end customer: what about the packaging, the instructions and the charger? Getting all these parts together in good quality, in the right amount, in the right condition, in the right time and for acceptable costs. That is what logistics is about.

Thus, logistics concerns everything that has to do with organising, planning, managing and executing the chain of goods from their begin point to the end customer. And of course that chain needs to run as effective as possible, for acceptable costs.

Why study Logistics in Venlo

Venlo is a small city with a very cosy city centre, with lots of shopping opportunities and many social events. Venlo is located only 5 minutes from the German border and 40 minutes from the Belgian border. It is great for warehouses and distribution centres, making it possible to bring goods all across Europe. Special about this is that you have more than 30 billion customers and internationally working companies in reach within a one hour car ride!

For over 10 years Venlo has been either the number 1 or 2 logistics hotspot in the Netherlands. It even is the number 1 hotspot when it comes to E-fulfilment logistics. This means that it is the number 1 in logistics for companies active in e-commerce. These are companies that are comparable to ulmart.ru and wildberries.ru.

Besides that, Venlo counts a very high number of agricultural companies all working in fresh goods like flowers, vegetables and fruits. Therefore it is also named Greenport Venlo.


Why study Logistics at Fontys

Fontys’ campus in Venlo offers three Logistics related Bachelor’s programmes:

All these are top-rated programmes in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch Student Guide 2016 (Studiekeuzegids).

At Fontys, students are always working on projects to apply newly gained theory to practice and gain real skills. They also gain working experience during internships. Many of them even receive job offers before graduation!

Student experience

Livia Ivan, Romania Livia Ivan, 2nd year student of Logistics Engineering: “This is my second year in Fontys and I can say that I am very pleased with all that I did until now. First of all, studying here helped me develop skills that will be really useful in my future career. I learned how to communicate and work with people from all over the world and how to be more organized.

The other thing that I like most about Fontys is the fact that we are doing lots of practical work, but at the same time we are learning new and interesting things. I would recommend Fontys to everyone who is looking for a good university abroad, with well-trained teachers and lots of opportunities.”

Grigory Naumenko, 4th year student of Logistics Engineering: “I would like to say that Fontys University is great, especially at a Logistics and Technics faculty because I study there. The spirit and mood in the campus motivates me to learn new subjects harder and do not fear various challenges, like projects and exams. Moreover, it is the international university, so I met good people here. Don’t be shy to come here!”

Get in contact

Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers over 25 English-taught and 8 German-taught study programmes at different locations in the South of the Netherlands. You can find a complete overview of their study programmes by visiting their website.

If you want to learn more about logistics programmes at Fontys, then feel free to contact Linda Bouwman via L.bouwman@fontys.nl or ask your questions international student ambassadors.

If you are interested to learn more about studying at Fontys from the university’s Russian students, then check the Fontys Vkontakte group.

Moreover, Fontys invites you to meet the university’s current student Maksim Krupnov and Fontys representative Linda Bouwman during one of the following Begin Group fairs:
Moscow, 16th September, 2017, from 12:00 to 16:00, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe Square, 2.

St. Petersburg, 17th September, 2017, from 12:00 to 16:00, Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota, Moskovsky Prospekt, 97А.

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