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International students talk about studying Business at Fontys

Programmes Student stories 15 November 2017, 12:18

Fontys International Business School is a well-known, modern university that offers students a qualitative, up-to-date education. Amongst others, the university offers 3 Bachelor's programmes that will catch the eye of people interested in entering the vibrant world of modern business.

Fontys University in VenloFontys International Business School is a well-known, modern university that offers students a qualitative, up-to-date education. Amongst others, the university offers 3 Bachelor's programmes that will catch the eye of people interested in entering the vibrant world of modern business.

International Business (IB)

International Business is a broad business study programme that combines subjects related to Economics, Marketing and Management. The programme includes both theoretical and practical learning approaches.

In contrast to traditional paper-based and teacher-led education, International Business students learn by the so-called Project-based learning — a dynamic student-centred approach where students work together on projects to solve real-world problems. In short: Learning by doing.

Here is what Aibek Altynbek from Kazakhstan has to say about this programme

“Hello, my name is Aibek. I am from Kazakhstan and currently I am studying International Business at Fontys University in Venlo. I’ve chosen this study programme because it gives me the opportunity to get an overview of the business world including management, marketing, finance, investment or human resource management. This provides me with the opportunity to considerately in which of these fields I would like to start my future career.

What also caught my attention before entering the Fontys IB programme is that its graduates are considered as one of the most demanded specialists in many industries.

Overall, I have only positive emotions related to IB studies. I am sure, that the knowledge and experience I will gain at Fontys International Business School is something I will not be able to get from somewhere else.”

To find more details regarding Fontys International Business programme, please visit the university’s website.

International Marketing (IM)

Designing an exciting marketing campaign for the new iPhone, organising a press conference for Greenpeace or conducting market research on which emotions are associated with eating ice cream. All these are examples of something a marketing professional does.

International Marketing provides students with an overview of the modern marketing industry, helps to develop a key set of professional skills, and gives the possibility to acquire real work experience.

Hanna Hyvärinen from Finland shares her study experience at Fontys

 “Hello, my name is Hanna. After high school, my first goal was to move to the Netherlands since I had lived here before and had fallen in love with the country. Fontys organized a private ‘Open Day’ for me where I got the perfect opportunity to go experience lectures and get a quick overview of Fontys. Fontys was exactly what I needed and wanted.

I chose to study International Marketing because business studies are relevant to pretty much every career path. Furthermore, I was considering to study psychology, because I enjoy working with people and improve my creativity. These factors lead me to choose International Marketing — a choice I do not regret.”

See more details about International Marketing at the Fontys University website.

International Finance & Control (IFC)

IFC is suitable for students interested in understanding the financial side of a company. The study programme helps students to develop their skill of critical thinking and train their analytical abilities.

Students acquire techniques to efficiently determine, analyze and present financial data of enterprises as well as they receive a broad spectrum of information on accounting, investment, operations management and financial controlling.

Agnieszka Juszczak from Poland talks about the IFC programme at Fontys

“My name is Agnieszka. I come from Poland and currently I study IFC at Fontys. I decided to continue my education abroad and after doing research on European universities I found the best option for me — Fontys International Business School.

In high school, I was always good with numbers. I decided that finance is going to be my path for the future. I have chosen Fontys because it is a university of applied sciences and gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Projects, internships and a semester abroad are excellent possibilities to practice theory and prepare students like me for the 'real world'.

So far, I think that choosing the IFC study programme at Fontys was the best decision of my life.”

Find more information about IFC programme at the Fontys University website.

Minor Abroad

Do you know that you can spend one semester of your bachelor studies at a partner university of Fontys? Fontys International Business School offers its students an outstanding opportunity to join one of its partner universities across the world.

Universities in Australia, Spain, Uruguay, Great Britain or the USA? More than 100 universities will be glad to be your alma mater for 6 months of your studies. That’s a perfect chance to travel to another country, absorb a new culture and learn a lot for your future career.

Inzhu SagiyevaInzhu Sagiyeva from Kazakhstan talk about her minor in South Korea

“My name is Inzhu Sagiyeva, currently I am a fourth-year International Business student at Fontys University in Venlo. Last semester I did my minor abroad at Fontys’ partner university Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea).

I was very excited to go there because it was my dream to visit South Korea. The moments while being there are unforgettable. I really enjoyed studying at this partner university because the university lecturers were very supportive and nice to me.

Moreover, it is very valuable for my future career as the knowledge you got there can be used in the professional sphere. I am very thankful to Fontys for such an incredible period of my studies. I believe that every student should have such an opportunity and enjoy it to its fullest!”


Fontys is aware of the fact that work experience is crucially important for business students. Therefore, students do two 6-month internships at companies during their studies. The time spent as an intern provides you with essential experience and strengthens your CV.

It is great to know the theory, but it is even more important to know how to apply it in practice. These two internships give students the possibility to understand all the peculiarities of working in a global international company or dynamically growing start-up enterprise. The choice is yours!

Maksym Kazantsev from Ukraine shares his internship experience

“My name is Maksym Kazantsev. Last year I did my internship and I want to share my experience with you. I was accepted as an Aftersales Marketing and Communication intern at Skoda Auto in their headquarter in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. Here, the part with challenges, goals and personal growth starts! I needed to get along with my new colleagues and analyze a lot of new information.

These personal challenges helped me to develop my social and communication skills to a new level, become more focused and dedicated. My tasks included creating promotional materials and aftersales strategies for specific regions, communicating with business partners worldwide and the Skoda after sales field forces. Furthermore, I had a side project with one of my colleagues.

During my internship, I gained many valuable insights about the automotive industry and business field which will definitely help me in my future career.”

Meet Fontys

Fontys University of Applied Sciences organizes Open Days and individual visits for prospective students. A visit of the university is the best way to get a taste of the campus and its atmosphere. You can meet lecturers, students and maybe even your future classmates.

See schedule for the Fontys Open Days

If you want to learn more about business programmes at Fontys, then feel free to contactout staff and students:

Contact Linda Bouwman via L.bouwman@fontys.nl

Ask your questions International student ambassadors

Talk to Russian students through the Fontys Vkontakte group

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