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Kill the Curator during the Open Day at Minerva Art Academy

Announcements Programmes 13 February 2018, 23:05

Interested in studying a Fine Arts and Design Master’s programme in the heart of Europe? Curious about the Kill the Curator exhibition? Then come to the Open Day at Hanze UAS, Groningen!

MADtech Master's programme at Hanze UAS, GroningenInterested in studying a Fine Arts and Design Master’s programme in the heart of Europe? Curious about the Kill the Curator exhibition? Then come to the Open Day at Hanze UAS, Groningen!

Open Day & Exhibition

During annual Open Day on February 17, Hanze's staff and students hold presentations and answer questions. The studio spaces will be on display, along with the workshop facilities and the student exhibition Kill the Curator.

Students of the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) will exhibit their cross-section of works during the Open Day. By killing the curator during the concept-phase, the works in this exhibition have a free and open relation to one another. Dialogues between the works happen in a spontaneous and free flowing manner, as a group of people being trapped in an elevator together. Each work claims its own space and hierarchy is established in an organic way. Students show the state of current affairs by mixing and accidently matching their autonomous works. Any concept distilled from the whole is based on chance. Much like real life.

Two Master’s programmes

Located in the vibrant cultural student city Groningen, the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) houses the two Fine Art and Design Master’s degree programmes: Painting and Media, Art, Design & Technology (MADtech). Each study programme has its own distinct focus, one in the field of painting, the other in the field of technologically mediated relationships in society. But collaboration and exchange between the two masters is an essential practice of the institute.

It all begins with a fascination for a specific issue of importance to the personal artistic practice. Throughout the programmes students acquire a good sense of their own identity and motivations. This makes it possible to work on personal and professional development, act in public, and find an audience for the research and work.

The strong community of artists, designers and performers from all over the world enables new avenues for intercultural dialogue. FMI supports students in identifying and creating opportunities and alliances, as well as operating from a free and autonomous position. A constant awareness of global connections and developments, as well as the intense intercultural exchange embedded in an environment that invites and supports concentration and focus, form the ingredients for intense studying.

Programmes characteristics:

  • Studio-based learning in individual and shared workspaces (available 24/7).
  • Focus on your own artistic project and research.
  • Large international network, with eg. partners in New York, Iceland and Finland.
  • Presentation and discussion of your work at public events, exhibition and lectures.
  • Access to all Minerva Art Academy’s workspaces, like the Hybrid Arts Lab.

Duration: two years, 120 ECTS.

Tuition Fee:

  • EU: 2060 euro's per academic year;
  • non-EU: 7700 euro's per academic year.

Sign up for the Open Day and get a feel for what the Master’s programmes and the city of Groningen have to offer!

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