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Finland is one of few countries in Europe where higher educational institutions offer more than 450 university studies in English and do not charge tuition fees for the Bachelor’s and Doctoral (PhD) programmes.

African students are showing more and more interest in international studies. About 6% of students in Africa (~400,000) are currently studying abroad. This number represents almost a tenth of the global international student population.

Spanish universities enjoy an international reputation and commit to maintaining the best research standards, and offers an outstanding teaching and affordable learning experience to students from all walks of life.

British students are increasingly looking out for better study options and places to pursue their education. It is not surprising that many of them are eagerly turning towards Dutch universities as a destination that can provide them a great learning opportunity with a lower fee as compared to the UK.


Free Higher Education In Germany

Germany 2 July 2012, 23:28

How to study in Germany at a bachelor's or master's degree. State universities of Germany offer free tuition for both German and international students. Find tuition-free universities in Germany. 

Holland based Universities are known to teach in English for a tuition fee of 1,500 pounds (EUR 1,771) per year. The fact that the annual university fee is so low attracts a large number of people to come and apply for studies. As compared to other universities in United Kingdom, these offered in Holland are about 1/10 th in terms of tuition fees.

Good opportunities for pursuing higher education in the UK have been responsible for attracting foreign students to the UK since a long time. This is a widely accepted trend given the long established credentials of British universities in imparting excellent education to students from all across the globe.

Students interested in pursuing higher education in universities in UK have been facing lot of dilemma in recent times owing to the rising cost of tuition fee proposed in British universities. Faced with severe feedback from prospective students and the dip in admission applications, nearly 20% of British universities have now decided to revise their tuition fee packages just few weeks before prior to deadline date for receipt of applications.

Do you think that every expat easy can find a place in the foreign country? They come to the country to get some new experience for different reasons and not all of them could find an occupation after their own heart. Below you can find 10 hints that will help you in looking for job in the Holland.


Christmas and New Year in Аmsterdam

14 December 2011, 12:37

Christmas and New Year are near at hand and, as always, this year in the very center of Amsterdam — Dam Square — showed up a miracle: a beautiful Christmas tree, which was grown up in the German Ardennes, 22 meters high, it is shining and iridescent from 4 kilometers Christmas garlands.

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