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Switzerland: Universities and scholarships

27 December 2008, 00:00

Despite a continuous rise in student numbers, Switzerland's universities have not as yet had to restrict admissions to studies other than to those in medical subjects. Based on the number of applicants for these subjects, a decision is taken from year to year as to whether an entry examination needs to be held for Swiss students


Belgium: Breakthrough in stem cell research

18 September 2008, 00:00

The University Hospital of Brussels has succeeded in developing a new technique to extract stem cells without having to destroy the embryo...


How to find job in Belgium

Belgium 14 August 2008, 00:00

If you are an expat, there are a handful of suitable jobs and an awful lot of job-seekers. But it can be done. Here's a guide to finding employment in Belgium.

Students at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, have done everything from lighting up the Ice Hotel to creating architecture in the virtual world of Second Life.

Switzerland's business community has joined calls to extend open borders to workers from the European Union's newest members, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI) is an institution created by the Bank of Spain in 1987 whose aims are graduate teaching and research in economics

Second Life (abbreviated as SL) is an Internet-based virtual world launched in 2003. Uses of Second Life are becoming more serious.

An all-round integrated management training has become a must for those who wish to develop the full potential of their capabilities in a rapidly changing international business environment.


University interviews in ten tiny steps

7 September 2007, 00:00

Universities interviews; how to make it successful? Too many people try to second guess what the interviewer is looking for. It’s impossible to know if they are looking for someone who is louder than you or quieter. So there’s no point in trying to act like somebody else. If you fit the bill they’ll take you.

In 1983 HSE launched a full-time international Master of Business Administration program in English. This was in response to the need for English language, masters-level business education in Finland