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The two computers, which are both located at the Research Center Juelich, are the first models from Germany to simultaneously be in the top ten fastest supercomputers in the world.

Since the establishment of Pécs University Medical School, many of its graduates have gained international recognition through the Medical School's co-operation with institutions all over the world.

Although home to some of the oldest institutions in Europe, Spain’s universities are where the Franco legacy is said to have lingered longest.

The programme is a study in the relationship between international business administration, governments and other organisations...


Study in Belgium: Grants and Student Life

Belgium 28 May 2009, 23:58

There is a number of grants that can be offered to the students who want to study in Belgium.The SOCRATES/ ERASMUS and LEONARDO programmes award financial support, as part of projects presented by the establishments

The government is urging graduates to consider a spell working abroad, whether in internships or volunteering, to avoid the worst of the recession...

Bologna Process

22 May 2009, 02:12

The aim of the Bologna Process is to achieve the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by 2010.The EHEA is being developed through co-operation between ministries...

Higher education in Europe plays an essential role in society, creating new knowledge, transferring it to students and fostering innovation. Institutions throughout Europe are working to modernise, both in terms of the courses they offer and the way they operate.

The European Council has adopted a new strategic framework for cooperation between EU Member States to reform their education and training systems...


Scholarships in Finland

Finland 14 May 2009, 12:10

The Finnish government has come up with excellent scholarship plans that are aimed at pleasing all the foreign nationals every year. These wonderful grants will allow students from all over the world to carry out higher studies and researches in Finland.