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Study in Germany for free

Germany 24 April 2014, 15:31

There are a number of countries in the world that offer higher education to domestic and international students for very low or no tuition fees. Germany is one of the countries in which tuition fees are mostly reduced or not charged at many of the universities in the country.

The two computers, which are both located at the Research Center Juelich, are the first models from Germany to simultaneously be in the top ten fastest supercomputers in the world.


Study in English in Germany

Germany 6 March 2009, 00:00

Almost all German universities also offer internationally oriented B.A. and M.A. degree courses for both German and foreign students. These courses are usually taught in English.


Web-based ranking of Germany's universities

Germany 6 January 2009, 00:00

For a couple of months now, students at German institutions of higher education have been able to participate in an online ranking of their respective "alma mater".