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Next academic year, Universiteit Maastricht will start a Bachelors study of European public health. The education ministry gave the go-ahead this week.

In the welcoming speech at the start of the Masters programme of Public Policy and Human Development at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Dutch student Mariska van Exel (who has lived abroad almost her entire life) heard that she would only have a weekend off between two blocks.

Jan Majkowski (26) could also have done the Masters study of Health Policy, Economics and Management in Poland, but there it would have taken twice as long, two years instead of one. And this does not mean that you learn more, he says. "It is just organised less well there, more bureaucratic."

Thaworn Sakunphanit from Thailand started at the Maastricht School of Governance in September, and often spends eighty hours per week with his nose in his books. Zoe Reiff from New York, second-year student of European Studies, studies approximately 35 hours a week.

Why does everything have to be in English these days?" "International? Me? I am just about ready to start living by myself," Anemone van Zijl (21) laughs. Last June she completed her Bachelors in Arts and Culture, with honours. Since September, she has been doing a two-year research Masters (CAST) at the same faculty.

The quality of the education at Universiteit Maastricht is good and consistent. For the second year in a row UM does very well in ‘Kennis in Kaart’, the quality measurement carried out annually by the ministry of Education, Culture and Science in universities and universities of professional education.

There is not one ‘University of the Future’ but there are several. Diversity in as wel education programmes as teaching methods will remain essential in the future. Because exactly that diversity makes it interesting to participate in exchange programmes and to cross boundaries.