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Students should be immaculately dressed for business or professional occasions, in the opinion of Floris van Laanen, lecturer at the faculty of Law.

Tilburg University is an leading university specialised in education in fields of Economics, Business Administration and Law. Please find information about position of the university in international rankings.

Tilburg University is looking for international students who would like to be part of the new International Sounding Board. Students who participate will provide the university with information about their country and culture, to help Tilburg University recruit students from their home countries. In addition, the participants will have a chance to voice their opinions about what is wrong and what is right at Tilburg University.

Spreken we Nederlands or should we talk English? Foreign PhDs need to understand the Dutch language for daily business. Heejung Chung and Annekathrin Ellersiek aim to raise awareness of the possible isolation of foreign PhD students because of the language barrier.

The new PhD procedure is a more effective guarantee of the quality of PhD theses. Nevertheless, a group of prominent professors has pointed out a number of weak points.

As of this year all Tilburg University lecturers, students, policy advisors, service desk personnel, administrative personnel, and secretaries will be required to take an English-language test.

Next academic year, the Faculty of Law will start a top class for the better bachelor's students. In addition to the standard study programme, the top-class students will take classes with extra depth.

Roel Mehlkopf (24, research master's, finance) and Victor Vlam (22, law) reached the semi-finals of the world debating championships for universities last week, in the category English as a second language.

On Thursday 9 November the Law faculty council will decide on the introduction of more English-language courses at the department of European and International Public Law.

In three years' time the faculty of Economics and Business administration aims to offer all its Master's programmes, except Fiscal Economics, in English. Marketing Management is afraid of losing its appeal.