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Saxion and Twente Universities united their experience in order to improve the professional skills of their students.  International connect traineeship is the first step in future carrier of the graduates.

Robot technology in Twente is growing rapidly. Prof. Stefano Stramigioli of the University of Twente has ambitious plans for the new robotics centre, which he hopes will gain a leading international reputation.

Food for free, cooking workshops, dance and music transformed the area outside the Bastille on Wednesday, the 4th of June. The occasion was the annual International Food Festival, which was held as a part of the `Let's Go!' event supported by PITS (Platform Internationalisation Twente Student organization).

In the Vrijhof Amphitheater at the UT, Ellen de Bruin, psychologist and journalist for the science section of the NRC Handelsblad, amused her audience with her portrayal of the modern-day, Dutch biking goddess, who handles life's small obstacles with her efficient practicality through rain, hail and wind.

Every society has its stereotypes. The origins of almost all stereotypes can be directly traced back to the cultural habits and practices of a society. Dutch society is no exception to the rule.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science must make it mandatory for universities to inform students about extra study costs, according to the Socialist Party (SP).

When highly skilled migrants come to the Netherlands to practice their profession, they are assessed from a very Dutch point of view.

Student from Germany, Elisabeth Epping, tells about her study at Twente University. She followed education on European Studies Bachelor Programme.

ACASA studenten huisvesting corporation, the organization responsible for managing all residential rooms and apartments on the UT campus is overseeing the construction of two new and huge apartment complexes.

In September the University Twente will start a new bachelor's program: European Studies. This all-English language program should open the door for students from `all over the world.' Right now, the UT only offers a master's program in European Studies, a graduate program in which mostly public administration students participate.