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On April 7th, Windesheim Honours College (WHC) would like to welcome you in the Netherlands, at its Zwolle campus. The school will have an Open Day event showcasing its international BBA programme.

First 2 years of education students of Windesheim Honours College live and study together in the student residence, located in the historical centre of Zwolle. This unique feature significantly helps college students with housing and allows them to form an international learning community which can benefit them in the number of ways.

Windesheim Honours College is the first residential college in the Netherlands for professional education.

Are you interested in Bachelor of Business Administration degree but not sure what university to choose? Windesheim Honours College invites you to the open day scheduled on March 15th. You can also become a student for one day and figure out what it is like to study at this university!

In year 2 of the Windesheim Honours college students work on a International Business and Management project. The project revolves around a business case with a project proposal from an NGO from Africa.

Student story of Elise Eicheler, student specializing in Communication & Media tells about Windescheim Honours College.

Renée Bouhuijs, student studying on Bachelor Business Administration in Public Health,tells about study at the Windesheim Honours College.

The study programme cost: €1672 for EU/EEA students and € 3400 for students from outside of European Union. The institutional fee is €1600 for EU and Non EU students.