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A trend seems to be developing at research universities in the Netherlands where international students now make up around 12% of the total student population in the country.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit has created a series of events that allow you to experience the university first-hand. Via their on-campus events and short programs, Nyenrode invites remarkable talents from all over the world to live the excitement, energy and commitment of the university!

Technological developments of Inholland University students resulted with innovative Apollo vehicle, capable of covering 2.400 km on one liter of Bioethanol fuel. This car will participate in the 'Shell Eco-Marathon' race in Rotterdam in May 2013, and then will be recycled into wind wagon Anemo VI for the 'Racing Aeolus 2013' competition in August.

Windesheim Honours College is the first residential college in the Netherlands for professional education.

Cancer research conducted by HAN students and teachers of Life Sciences and Biochemistry is used by Oxford University to do further research. The successful collaboration also resulted in 2 internship places for HAN students Oxford University.

On its efforts to connect with the most remarkable global talents, Nyenrode Business Universiteit organizes On-Campus Business Games, an on-site competition where talents from all over the world get together at Nyenrode’s 13th Century estate to solve a real-life business case. Winners of this competition will get a full-tuition revolving scholarship worth 24,000 EUR for Nyenrode Master of Science in Management full-time program starting in August 2013.


Top 5 tips on working with the Dutch

Work in Holland 8 February 2013, 11:33

Are you searching for a job in the Netherlands or have just found one? Here are several tips you need to know when working with the Dutch.

Our cooperation with Dutch institutions has made it possible for us to bring all the data you need to one place, the Eurogates website. Search our updated Programmes section to find out which study is the perfect fit for you!

Update: We have added information about scholarships available at some of Dutch universities!

Not sure if you would like studying abroad? Find out! Webster University, the only American research university accredited in the Netherlands, offers you this chance by inviting you to become a student on its campus for one day.

Trying to choose a study at a Dutch university? Eurogates can help! We have all the information about Open Day events happening at universities across the Netherlands in February and March. This is your one-stop guide to help you make your choice!