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You are accepted into a Dutch university and want to learn more about the Dutch cuisine and meals which you can expect at student canteens during lunch. Here you can find some information about snacks and meals which are usually served at student canteens available on the territory of every campus.

Breukelen, May 16, 2007 – Nyenrode is the only Dutch business school listed on the Financial Times’ annually-published international ranking of open-enrolment programs for managers and entrepreneurs.

Student story: Hello everyone! I’m Alex, an MBA student in Saxion University. Before starting my formal classes, I’ve attended Summer Course. Here I’d like to share with you some of my experience.

NHTV University famous for its significant experience and expertise in providing high-quality education in tourism has joined forces with Wageningen University to develop a unique academic programme - Bachelor of Science in Tourism. 

Saxion and Twente Universities united their experience in order to improve the professional skills of their students.  International connect traineeship is the first step in future carrier of the graduates.

A PhD degree from a reputed educational institution, such as the VU University is an excellent first step in the academic journey of any student. The following features shall familiarize the candidates interested to get a doctoral degree with the steps involved in this process.

The Netherlands gains a prominent place in the world of law education. Six leading law schools of Holland joined their forces and launched a consortium of law studies.

Deciding the right university programme is really a challenging task today. If you are looking for an undergraguate programme taught in English, visit a Speed Meeting Event which organised at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Would you like to stay in Holland after your studies? Are you planning to look for a job? Start learning Dutch language at VU University and increase your chances of employment!

Students coming to study at Webster University are now accommodated in its new Living and Learning Centre. Get a room in the heart of Leiden and enjoy living within the walking distance of the main University building!