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Dutch Universities visit Russia

29 April 2008, 00:00

After Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences, several representatives of the Universiteit van Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and The Hague University of Applied Sciences visited us on different occasions.

The unconditional access to a master's degree should be abolished, in the view of the Association of Universities in The Netherlands, VSNU. It hopes that bachelor's students will work harder when they lose the right to automatically move on to a contiguous master's programme.

Students from outside the European Economic Area (EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) studying in the Netherlands face a rise in tuition fees from the 2008-2009 academic year.

Men burst into tears an average of nine times in 2007 while women cried on 33 occasions, according to an internet poll in the May issue of Psychologie Magazine, reports ANP news service.

Ninety per cent of students report that they can get by fine. One-third even manages to put money aside. This is the outcome of a survey conducted among 300 participants of the Dutch National Union of Students (LSVB) student panel.


Holland: 'Second master's year unnecessary'

18 April 2008, 00:00

Employers and graduates have no need for a second year in the master's programmes, which now take one year, the Dutch schools inspectorate concluded last week.

"Students will become the focus of attention", says Kees Koedijk, the faculty of Economics & Business Administration dean of Tilburg University. By making the package of master's programmes more transparent and their names clearer, the faculty aims to become more attractive to international students.

In the Vrijhof Amphitheater at the UT, Ellen de Bruin, psychologist and journalist for the science section of the NRC Handelsblad, amused her audience with her portrayal of the modern-day, Dutch biking goddess, who handles life's small obstacles with her efficient practicality through rain, hail and wind.

Most university and higher professional education graduates in Holland do not stay long with their first employer. No less than 90% of starters quit within two years.

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: I am working now! I am a tutor in my own school – Stenden University! Would you like to know how it happened to me? Then listen to my story.