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Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: whole day full of lectures from 8:30 up to 15:45. And you think I am tired? Not at all. I am more than excited and already thinking about my seminar on Friday.

The number of international students in higher education in the Netherlands continues to rise. There are now 49,750 of them, an increase of 1,250 on last academic year. Around 37,000 of them are enrolled on government-funded study programmes.

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: You arrived. New place, new friends, parties. School and studying is yet so far. But meanwhile you still have some time before classes start, so you’d better go trough some important formalities.

Do you study at one of our partner universities and are you interested in doing your study abroad in the Netherlands for one or two semesters? Come and join us on the International Business and Management Studies-Exchange programme in Arnhem.

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: I am Elena from Perm, Russia, a student at Stenden University. Classes haven’t started yet but I already feel myself as a part of the Stenden community. 

The number of English-language study programmes offered by Dutch institutions of higher education is set to rise this year to 1300. The Netherlands will thus retain its position as the biggest provider of English-language higher education in continental Europe.

BaMaS is the on line information system on the links and connection programmes between bachelor and master programmes of Dutch universities.


European network to encourage mobility

3 August 2007, 00:00

Together with eight other European universities, Radboud University Nijmegen (RU) has established a network to encourage the international mobility of students and teaching staff.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) offers a considerable number of full-cost scholarships to talented international students to participate in a Master's program at the TU/e.

Nuffic NESO

Nuffic to open Moscow offices

19 July 2007, 00:00

This summer, Nuffic will open its new Bangkok and Moscow offices. Their job will be to raise awareness in Thailand and Russia of what Dutch higher education has to offer.