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More attention should be paid to English language skills during the bachelor's programmes at the law faculty. That is the opinion of the law student fraction Vrijspraak. It proposes to introduce Legal Language Skills as a compulsory subject and to have some subjects given in English.


Dutch universities climb the world rankings

16 January 2006, 00:54

Ten Dutch universities can be found this year in the top 200 universities in the world. The Netherlands is the only European country to have ten universities in the top 200. It is the second time that the top 200 list has been published by the renowned Times Higher Education Supplement.


Bachelor's-master's structure in the Netherlands

16 January 2006, 00:51

The bachelor’s-master’s structure is having an adverse effect on the internationalization of education. This is the conclusion of the Dutch Education Council in its advice to the Government entitled Internationalization Agenda for Education 2006-2011.


More students studying Chinese and Japanese

30 December 2005, 12:15

The current level of interest in China as an economic and political superpower has had a knock-on effect on numbers of students studying Chinese.

International students who come to The Hague, Leiden or Delft to study will be able to apply for a residence permit this year through a simpler and faster procedure.

Thaworn Sakunphanit from Thailand started at the Maastricht School of Governance in September, and often spends eighty hours per week with his nose in his books. Zoe Reiff from New York, second-year student of European Studies, studies approximately 35 hours a week.

Leiden University will open their doors and those of the Pieterskerk for the finale of the Netherlands Debating Championship for secondary school students. This debate is being organised for the eighth time by the Netherlands Debating Institute (NDI).

Nyenrode students spend an average of 57 hours per week studying. This is the result of feedback that the university regularly asks from its students.

Evgenia Motchenkova has recently got a PhD degree at Tilburg universtity. At this moment she has a position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of Free University Amsterdam.

Why does everything have to be in English these days?" "International? Me? I am just about ready to start living by myself," Anemone van Zijl (21) laughs. Last June she completed her Bachelors in Arts and Culture, with honours. Since September, she has been doing a two-year research Masters (CAST) at the same faculty.