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HAN University of Applied Sciences has launched a new student blog website in English with entries from international students. In their posts, students describe their experience with living in the Netherlands and studying at HAN’s Business faculty, the Arnhem Business School. Below are some of the student entries featured on the site that may be helpful for prospective and new students.

International programme in the Netherlands offers a window on the world.For American Veena Fox Parekh (33) and Nina Lin (23) from China, 'learning' is essential.

Twenty-three year old HAN student Michaela Hogenboom was selected from more than 80 candidates as the new youth representative for Sustainable Development.

If you can’t get enough of HAN University of Applied Sciences / Arnhem Business School, even after 4 years of study, there is a way to continue enjoying your time as a student here: a Master programme.

Did you know that following the Logistics programme opens up such a wide scala of career possibilities? You can work in purchasing, production logistics, business organisation, and at many more positions.