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Rankings of universities of applied sciences

Universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands are generally not included in worldwide university rankings. Therefore, Dutch organisations have created their own standards for ranking these types of institutions. There are currently three national rankings that include universities of applied sciences.The Keuzegids HBO, the Elsevier Magazine and Nationale Studenten Enquete (NSE), are all published on a yearly basis to help students select the right programme and school for them.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, GroningenThe Keuzegids HBO Rankings

The Keuzegids is the independent guide, published yearly by the Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (Higher Education Information Centre). One of the five published reports (HBO), critically assesses and compares the quality of study programmes of vocational universities in the Netherlands.

Results take into account the perspectives of both students and the universities themselves. Rankings are generally based on data about the programme’s success rates, expert opinions from the accreditation of programmes, and student feedback derived from the NSE results.

Dutch universities of applied sciences in the Keuzegids HBO 2017 ranking:

Large-sized universities City Number of programmes Total score Position
Avans UAS Brabant (3x) 63 67.5 1
Windesheim UAS Zwolle, Flevoland 66 65.5 2
Hanze UAS Groningen 50 63.5 3
HAN UAS Arnhem, Nijmegen 71 62.0 4
Fontys UAS Brabant, Limburg (6x) 104 60.0 5
Saxion UA Enschede, Deventer, Apeldoorn 56 60.0 5
The Hague UAS The Hague 39 58.0 7
Rotterdam UAS Rotterdam 66 56.0 7
HU Utrecht Utrecht, Amersfoort 63 55.5 8
Amsterdam UAS Amsterdam 55 54.5 9
Inholland UAS N-/Z- Holland (7 locations) 83 52.5 10
Medium-sized universities City Number of programmes Total score Position
CHE Ede 10 73.5 1
HAS Den Bosch (Environment) 13 70.5 2
HZ UAS Vlissingen 22 66.0 3
NHTV Breda UAS Breda 9 64.0 4
Aeres Almere, Dronten, Wagen. 8 61.5 5
Zuyd UAS Zuid-Limburg (3 x) 33 60.5 6
Leiden UAS Leiden 21 59.5 7
Stenden UAS Leeuwarden, Emmen 24 56.0 8
HKU Utrecht (Arts) 11 56.0 9
NHL Leeuwarden 51 55,5 10
NTI UAS part time / distant learning 11 55,0 11
Van Hall Larenstein (VHL)  Leeuwarden, Velp   17  53,5  12
Small-sized universities City Number of programmes Total score Position
The New School (part.) Amsterdam (Marketing) 1 100 1
IVA (part.) Driebergen (Logistic) 2 92 2
Kempel Helmond (Education) 1 85 3
TMO (part.) Zeist (Management) 1 80.5 4
KPZ Zwolle (Education) 1 77 5
NOVI (part.) Utrecht (ICT, Business) 3 76 6
TIO UAS 5 locations (Hospitality, Business) 16 75.0 7
Viaa Zwolle (Education, Care) 5 75.0 8
Notemboom (part.) 3 loc. (Hospitallity, Business) 4 72.5 9
HTH UAS The Hague, Amsterdam 2 72.0 10
Iselinge Doetinchem (Education) 12 69.0 11
Driestar Gouda (Education) 8 70.0 12
Nyenrode New Business School Breukelen 1 68.5 13
Ipabo Alkmaar, Amsterdam (Education) 2 68 14
Marnix Utrecht (Education) 1 67 15
THIM Nieuwegein (Physiotherapy) 1 66 16
Artez Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle (Arts) 18 64.5 17
AHK Amsterdam (Arts) 9 64.5 18

Elsevier Magazine survey

NHTV Breda University of Applied SciencesElsevier Magazine, a Dutch weekly magazine, publishes a yearly ranking of the best higher education studies. “De Beste Studies” report ranks schools based on student satisfaction and surveys of teaching staff. Student opinions are calculated using the results of the NSE, while teaching staff is given a survey specially commissioned by Elsevier with results collected from that. Additional information is taken from the database and edited.

Elsevier report, where Dutch taught degree programmes were assesses, is composed for national students and represents mostly general reputation of vocational universities for English-speaking students, therefore Eurogates limits their stats only with ranking positions of these institutions.

Dutch universities of applied sciences in the 2016 Elsevier Rankings:

  Broad Specialised
1 Avans UAS HAS UAS Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 
2 Leiden UAS NHTV Breda UAS  ArtEZ
3 Windesheim UAS Ede UAS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
4 Hanze UAS, Groningen Viaa Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
5 HAN UAS Aeres UAS  
6 Saxion UAS Van Hall Larenstein UAS   
7 Stenden UAS    
8 Zuyd UAS    
9 Fontys UAS    
10 Amsterdam UAS     
11 The Hague UAS    
12 HU UAS    
13 Rotterdam UAS    
14 NHL UAS    
15 HZ UAS    
16 Inholland UAS     

Students of Zuyd University of Applied SciencesNationale Studenten Enquete

The Nationale Studenten Enquete (NSE), known as the National Student Survey in English, is a yearly survey sent out to students following a programme in higher education.

The Studychoice123 Foundation (in Dutch Studiekeuze123), an initiative of higher education organisations, is responsible for the NSE and collaborates with the Ministry of Education.

Studychoice123 asks all higher education institutions to participate in the National Student Survey every year. Questions pertain to the quality of the professors, the study, the skills and training acquired, testing and assessment, and other relevant information. The results of NSE available online in Dutch.

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