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IBMS student talks about studying at Fontys UAS

Student stories 29 April 2015, 10:09

Student from Russia Sergey Zemchikhin, enrolled in the International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme at Fontys University of Applied Sciences tells about studying at the university and student life in the city of Venlo.

Sergey Zemchikhin, student of Fontys UASStudent from Russia Sergey Zemchikhin, enrolled in the International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme at Fontys University of Applied Sciences tells about studying at the university and student life in the city of Venlo.

Why Fontys Venlo?

Why did I choose Venlo – a rather small city in comparison to Eindhoven where Fontys’ main campus is located? The main reason for me was the international student body. The campus has students from amongst others Germany (the majority), England, China, Bulgaria, Romania, and Finland.

Moreover, the highly-developed partner network allows Fontys to send out and welcome a lot of students within their exchange program. To my delight, there are a lot of Russian-speaking students at Fontys from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Kazakhstan. This helped me a lot in adapting during my first weeks in a new environment – it made it easier for me to ask for advice when I needed it.

Finally, the central location of the city makes it easy to visit Germany, Belgium or even Paris. Nearly every weekend I drive by bicycle to Germany to buy some German sausages.

About studying at the university

I also would like to tell you about some topics related to studying at Fontys. When I was applying to this university, everyone and even the Fontys representative, told me about the practical approach. But, when I arrived, I was still shocked about how many practical tasks and even full practise learning arrangements my program, International Business Management Studies, offered. Some of the projects which I worked on included writing a business plan, conducting a marketing research, working on a finance project, and finally, creating your own mini-company – a real company registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

Studying here, I fully understand who I will be in the future and what I’m doing this for. No worthless lessons, no useless knowledge – only what I really need to know.

Besides the above mentioned practical tasks, the programs at Fontys Venlo include 2 mandatory internships. Moreover, you can study for one semester at one of Fontys’ partner universities. All of this gives you a clear and strong prospect for a future career. You would not have to think about a lack of experience when searching for a job after graduating from Fontys.

About Venlo

The vity of Venlo in The NetherlandsAssessing Venlo as a student city, I could say, that this city is the place, where you won’t regret to spend your student years.

Firstly, there are a lot of entertaining activities happening in the city, like gigs, festivals, fairs. Secondly, nightlife is a good experience too – no big clubs, but a lot of nice bars to visit. You don’t need to think twice how to spend your Friday evenings. Moreover, Fontys offers many activities, including sport activities like football, basketball, volleyball and so on.

It is important to keep in mind, that the Netherlands is a very small country. Besides that, Venlo proofs that even in small cities, you can get the advantages of a big city. Moreover, it only takes two hours to take a train from Venlo to the capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. A trip to the city of Eindhoven takes 40 minutes. When I was living in Russia, most of my time I was spending on transportation from home to work. This is definitely not the case in the Netherlands.

In conclusion, I want to say, that I never expected that my time and study at Fontys International Campus Venlo would be so good. It’s very interesting to live and study here. I have found a lot of friends, got a lot of valuable contacts and the knowledge I have acquired gives me hope for a bright future.

About Fontys UAS

Fontys University Venlo campus offers practise-oriented English study programs in Business, marketing, logistics, engineering and IT.

For more information please visit the university’s website.

In addition, you can get in contact with our students through the Fontys Vkontakte group (in Russian).

Moreover, we invite you to meet our University during the Open Day! If you are interested, please contact Fontys University via E-mail: campusvenlo@fontys.nl.

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